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1) I was raised knowing that witchcraft
is very real, but I do believe in God.
I recently found out someone has cursed me.
I can also see how I am.

2) I almost killed myself before christmas,
but my friend called me before I did. She doesn't
know she saved my life.

3) Im in love with a jackass, and 3 years later
i still dont know how to let go.

4) My brother is abusive, he hates me with a passion.
I havent done anything wrong. He has hit me, made me cry,
 emotionally abuses me...but the day he dies, id still cry at his funeral. He is my only sibling, and even if he hates me I love him.

5) I steal food to survive. Our jobs put together doesn't
always make ends meet. I do what I can to make my mom happy, but she still favors my brother sometimes.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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