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1. i am i love with girls. every time i think about a girl i picture big nice hot boobs. i want to have lesbo sex all day long.
2. i try to think that some day people will like me for how i am.
3. i went out to get lunch on sunday and i met this totally hot girl with huge boobs. i liked her so so so so much. we went back to my place not knowing what would happen and we just started having sex. her big naked boobs in my face felt so good a right. i watched her make out with me and i just them relized i am gay.
4. i am always wanting sex from hot girls
5. will the world like me for who i am. i am a total freak who love to suck on boobs all day long. i like to have warm hot sex in my parents room and makeout

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: gay

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