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If you like her, who cares?

1. So I'm about to start dating this girl..that I'm afraid to be seeen with in public... she isn't
That bad looking..I just know my friends are gonna be like WTF?

2. I just thought about acting like I'm insane or something...but I don't think getting sent away or something will help my real problems...

3. I hate my big bosses talk about teamwork and fainess..and etc...but they really don't give a fuck.
They stress about $$$$...but have enough money to take company trips.

4.I'm a lesbian...I've known since 6th grade but I've been...having little crushes on white boys.

5. I've posted here before this last one is like an update* so I've been talking to my FWB for about 6 months now..and I fell for her hard...but she isn't ready for a
Relationship...and it kills me because I would do anything to have one chance with her...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: gay

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