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Tough decision time

1.I got my letter from the college I wanna go to but I don't know if I wanna go now cuz ill be by myself and I hate to be alone I woulnt be this way if my dad wouldn't left us likehe did.
2.I find myself in love with my best friend buut I don't know how to tell him without it being werid he's amazing and I can see myself with him.
3.I don't like brakeing peples hearts so I'm scared to brake up with my boyfriend I hate being a nice person.
4.I wish I had money cuz with it being my last year in high school cuz I give it to my mom.
5.every night I cry cuz I don't know wut I should do and I really wish someone would help me out and try to talk to me and then I won't feel to bad.

P.S-helpp me plz??

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

[I'm not sure which thing you're looking for help on, so here's my take on all of it...
College: Go. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them and it's amazing how easy it is to make friends in college. Besides that, you don't want to let your dad's betrayal take something else that you want away, do you?
Best friend: You don't have to tell him you're in love with him, that probably would be a little weird no matter what. But you can always tell him in other, less awkward ways. Feel him out by asking if he's ever thought of being more than friends or give him some sexy eyeballs. He'll pick up on it and you'll have your answer.
Boyfriend: Everyone goes through this at some point, but what you've got to keep in mind is that when you stay with someone you don't really want to be with, you're not doing them any favors or being nice or preventing them from a broken heart. You're keeping them in a relationship with someone who doesn't want to be with them, which is one of the most surreptitiously painful feelings in the world whether the person knows it consciously or not. There is nothing that breaks your heart like not knowing it's broken. When it's not right for one it's not right for either. Cut him loose. 
Money: Not sure what to say on this without knowing the circumstances. If you want to help your mom out and you don't already have one, get a part time job after school. I worked at fast food and grocery stores the whole time I was in high school. 
Sadness: I cried a lot back then too, and I've found in adulthood that there is literally nothing in the world that causes me any kind of lasting sadness like relying on other people - for pretty much anything, but especially for love and approval. You have to be able to get those things from inside yourself and your own accomplishments, or you'll always be looking for more. Getting love and approval from others is great, but when it's not inside you, you can't help but need continuous reassurance from others. No matter how much anyone loves you they just don't and generally can't give you that much. Do stuff that makes you love yourself and the sadness will go away. Good luck.

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