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Moms shouldn't read five secrets...

1. I hate having sex. I don't like it at all but my boyfriend does and he gets mad when I say no to him so I do it anyways.
2.I hav liked my boyfrnd since I was like 7or 8yrs old when I met him. We have been dating for a yr and a half and I'm 14.he's 17
3. I feel rejected from my mom & family sumtimes.
4.I feel like skool is the only important thing in my life to care and trust about but yet I'm getting not good grades and I hate my teachers.
5.I make myself feel like shit evryday & it seems as if I cnt control blaming myself from a past regret.
I'm adding a 6th 1 just bc.
6. I feel like when I post secrets on here my mom and her frnds r reading it and know that its me. Which makes it feel like I can tell no1 anythng.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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