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1) it's raining outside and more than anything I want to go out and just sit in it... Only because if I get pneumonia then maybe someone will care

2) I'm going to kiss my best friend when I see her next. I have the best idea how to and I swear I'll do it if i still have the confidence

3) I masturbate every time I go to the toilet. I try not to but it just feels so good and when I do it I imagine kissing my best friend from England who I'm in love with.

4) when my best friend gets aggressive, Protective or acts like she's in charge I get so wet And so turned on and she knows it

5) my best friend from secret 3 and I act like we're girlfriends and secretly it kills me inside. I want nothing more than to be her girlfriend, to be able to kiss her and hold her and make her happy. Thankfully, I think she might be fallin for me

Note: happy new year everyone

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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