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NYE in a purple haze

1.) I'm extremely self-concious and insecure about my appearance. I wish I could call myself beautiful without lying.
2.) My best friend is gorgeous. Sometimes, I don't think she sees how beautiful she really is. She recently obtained an STD, and I hope she doesn't think it makes her any less of a person. I look up to her.
3.) I smoke weed too much. I stopped pills for the most part. I always think about doing heroin again.
4.) I can't drink alcohol well. The past two times I don't remember much of, but I know I had sex, and I know I'm going to be hearing about it when I go back to school.
5.) I'm sitting with my best friend on my bedroom floor, reminiscing about the past year. Only one hour till 2011! We're celebrating with purple kush.
Story of my life.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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