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Putting someone else first isn't always a good thing

1. I've began fallin for a girl who is bi.. people were tellin me ( her friends) that
We'd be a great couple .. and honestly I would say we would ...
2. I'm not the type of guy to fuck over women and when I feel strong emotions
Of care for that girl..  (No one knows to help either , posted secret ) I'm that guy in line 4 ..
3. I intend to be The best boyfriend I can be. I always put women first, me second ..
 Wen it comes to dating..
4. I just came across her deepest secrets that made me cry just seeing them up because I new who they came from.
5.I wish she would give it a chance... I normally dont fall for women this hard but for some reason this is feeling strong and I know from what after her last boy friend done to her " cory " she'd has shunned down on men and looked to date gurls....

Ps, k, I really like this girl and even tho she'd prob feel weird if I asked her about it but .. I want to be able to tell her my feeling about ny situation but not have her laugh or not care ya kno. What should I do??? I mean I'm goin head over heels for her ...

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

[If you're right and you ARE the guy that she mentioned in secret #4, I'd say you should probably cut this off before you get in any deeper. She made it pretty clear that she's not into you that way, and feels guilty for flirting with you because of that. Besides that, she's already dating someone else. I know that's not what you want to hear, but you can't force love babe. Sorry. You deserve someone who likes you back.

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