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Poor mexicans :(

1  None of my kids look like eachother and my family thinks i have several baby daddy's but there all by the same man.   Yea fuck u fam I'm not a slut!!

2. I hate cops. Their all dirty. I know to many on payroll

3. I have feelings for my best friend but he has a girl. (Ugh and that bitch irks me!!)

I love smoking weed.  But only the good stuff. One time I bought some weed from this guy that was braggin his shit was fire!! I went home and smoked it with a friend we was pissed cuz it was weak.. well my friend sells counterfeit money so we bought some weed from the guy just to fuck wit his doe. We left in a hurry cuz it look like he was going in the store to buy something. Lol fuck that day was hilarious.

4. My husband think I'm so innocent but i live a double life. I have an arrest record longer than the bible!!

5. When I buy fruit from mexicans on the corner lmao I use counterfeit money.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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