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Probably not so okay

1.......... I masturbate daily.
2.......... I'm only in the 8th grade and 14.
3.......... None of my friends do it and everyone at my school is a prude, but I wish I could have a dick just so it would be easier to masturbate. But I never actually finger myself I just hump stuffed animals and stuff.
4.......... I think it's really hot to think about guys in my grade jacking off and I even think about it during school, I love the sound and face guys make when they have a boner.
5.......... One of my friends out of everyone in the school does weed and I would LOVE to try it with her sometime.

*BONUS: I think I masturbate so much because when I was about 11 me and my brother were in the same bed and he began humping me and then I did it to him because he told me to and I had my first orgasm, but I didn't know what it was and I asked him so he taught be how to do it all the time. We pretend like it never happened. Is it okay because we weren't naked? But he showed me he had a boner, and it's the worst mistake I've ever made. He was 15. x|

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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