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Bracelets aren't exactly a universal sign

1. I have MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY reasons to be depressed and I am.

2. ...but today I had a great day and saw one of my best friends who is a few years younger, and so I should stop being sad right? Well I just cut again so I don't think it's working.

3. I had never cut before last week and I did it one week. Today was my third time and it doesn't even hurt to much I just get to stressed and anxious.

4. I never really wear bracelets but today I did, and many people notice but didn't think much about it, and the one friend who knows about my depression noticed but didn't even ask about it. I guess people really don't care about me.

5. She is also my friend who has been doing drugs and pills and I am worried about her, but I am the one who attempted suicide she just doesn't know. If she asked I would tell. If the subject even came up I would tell her.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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