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Questing for a third

1) I find my girls feet so sexy. She could just pull them out and rub them on my penis and I'll go crazy.

2) my girl is a lil curious and wants to have a threesome. She has already hooked up with girls but none have agreed yet. I am def on board with this idea,.. anybody interested?

3) when I was young I used to steal. Little things of course but still. You could say I grew out of it.

4) I have posted here before, nothing crazy but still would hate if anyone found out. No matter what some secrets are better left buried.

5) a random hook up of mine told me she was pregnant. This was years ago, and I told her I wasn't ready. I'm prety sure it was a lie but I'm disappointed in myself for not taking responsibility.

Bonus: if there is anyone in the northern nj, manhattan area who might be interested in a threesome, email me at

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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