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1) I post secrets on here all the time. Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever noticed any similarities between my posts, tried to fit together the pieces of what makes up my life.

2) I just realized that I'm so self conscious that I can't even post some of my secrets on here. I don't want people on here to think badly of me, which is just pathetic because it's anonymous anyway.

I might as well let out a few of 'those' secrets right now, because otherwise I probably never will:

3) I pick my nose when I'm alone. I started when I was little and I really just can't stop.

4) I am afraid to ever have sex because I think my vagina is weird or something.

5) I am a Pokemon freak!

By the way, K, I was wondering, what exactly does 'Best of' mean? Is it like best of luck? Sorry, I've always wondered. xD

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[For app users, she is referring to a widget that appears on each post that lets readers vote "OMG," "I can relate," or "Best Of."

"Best Of" is there to vote something the Best Of Five Secrets. It never occurred to me that it might not make sense. Maybe I'll change it...

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