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1) I am happily married and straight but used to b curious how it'd be to be with a girl after a dream I had with a friend. I think everyone wonders once in their life bout the same sex

2) I want my husbands to be rougher and I fantasize being slammed against walls, choked, all that stuff but when it comes down to it I get scared to let him be as rough as I want.

3) I used to think anal sex was disgusting, now I want to try it

4) I live a great life, I'm a good girl, I'm the most successful out of my generation in my fam yet I can never live up to my family's expectations. It's annoying, discouraging and sometimes makes me wonder whats wrong with me that makes me not good enough. Even though I know they r jealous my cousins came out bad or what not...I still wonder y I'm not good enough. They could be jealous how I pulled through and took charge of my happiness. They want to decide it for me, but I decide my life for myself!!

5) u are ur own future. And although its hard STOP letting other ppl affect u into cutting suicide. Ur just making urslf who they want u to be. Ur not breaking free into being strong and powerful. And if my words don't help u turn around somehow...then congrats for letting everyone run ur life. Live it and live it well we only get one chance and no one will ruin it for me. Remember, God is irreplaceable, people are. And even if u don't believe in God...PEOPLE ARE STILL REPLACEABLE. Find someone who u click with and do something about ur future already!

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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