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So why is he still your boyfriend?

1. I had sex with my boyfriend's best friend. I've been dating my boy friend for about five years and gotten tired of our sex. His friend could tell I was bored and said if I wouldn't tell, he wouldn't. It was good.
2. I love the moon. Sometimes I love the moon more then myself when I'm down in the dumps.
3. When I had tried weed for the first time, there was an episode of Spongebob on TV and I freaked out. I punched my best friend because she was making fun of me afterward. I lied and said I was still high.
4. Whenever I move to a new place (not often) I mess up friendships. I don't mean to, but it just happens.
5. I have an addiction to sex and want to fuck ALL THE TIME. It's not always good, but it makes me like I'm loved.

Bonus: I've cheated on my boyfriend five times and don;t regret any of the times.

Thank you, K. You gave us all this website and I know it's helped many people. You are the best. :)

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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