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Soon to be best seller

1. I'm trying to be a writer, and I'm at a part in the story where the character sees a dead body.  So all day before writing again I've been imagining what everybody would look like dead, in a wierd fucked up kind of way people are more beautiful dead.

2. When people ask me what I want to write I say novels.  But I really want to write comic books, I just don't want them thinking I'm too stupid to write "real" stories.

3. I hate it when people say that Avatar is either the greatest movie of all time or the worst movies of all time.  The movie sucked and it was over rated but saying it is either the greatest or worst film of all time is extremely stupid.  It's extremists like that that are ruining this country.

4. I hate Glenn Beck, o.k. so thats not a secret but he is a fucking idiot.

5. Even if the book I'm writing doesn't get published, I'm still happy that I finished an entire book.  Even if it kind of sucks.

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