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Stop believing it

1 I have an obsession with lesbian sex. 3very since I have been sexually active I have been bi curious I've received from a girl just don't really have the gut to actully fully experience lesbian sex! I watch lesbian porn constantly and am a frequent masturbator!

2. I love my boyfriend but due to hbow we met I can never trust him although in my heart I want to have his babies become his wife. And live happily ever after? How the fuck do I do that when I belive there always gonna be some bitch lurking in the shadows?

3. I live for my child but selfishly thing id be less stressed if I had took a way out!

4. I'm depressed all the time everything hurt me and I'm not sure I actually know how I'm supposed to feel when I know I'm loved. I mean to those who love me for no reason. Everyday I wanna lye in bed throw my cover over my head and cry till there's no water left in my body!

5! I've thought of killing my self but punked out cause I don't believe I'm going to heaven

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: other

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