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Substance abuse only makes it worse

1- There is absolutely nothing wrong with my life, in fact, it's pretty great. But a year and a half ago, I tried to kill myself because I was so miserable. I just felt like I was dead, doing nothing and feeling nothing. And to make it more pathetic, I had/have nothing to bitch about. That made me even more suicidal.

2- I am freakishly horny all the time, but I've never even been kissed.

3- I honest to God think about dropping out of school and disappearing, just somewhere no one I know could find me. And just travel, and see things, and feel things. I wouldn't tell anyone, not family or friends. It's not that I want them out or my life, or that I want to hurt them; I just want to slip quietly away and figure my life out.

4- I wish I drank or did drugs just so I can shut my brain up for half a second. I can literally think myself into a suicidal state in seconds.

5- Sometimes, I'm afraid that I'm cold. Just a cold-hearted bitch that no one could ever love if they really knew me.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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