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Smart, mature, and together is a lot to accept

1. there's this guy I'm so in love with-I think about how great it is when he cuddles w me, when we have sex, hangout at his place-but there's much I cant get past. he's so smart, mature and together plus like idk if he really likes me or just acts like it.
2. I'm not addicted to anything and I've never been thank god I have enough problems-although I do drink too much sometime but usually bc I'm nervous and get carried away
3. I miss school I wanna go back so bad, I miss sex I love it but only w him Idk why it drives me crazy I'm just staying single till I find someone I can want the same as him.
4. I use flirt and do small things w other girls on the playgrund at school iwhen i was in second or third grade-we were just about the same age.
5. I'm curious about girls that change into men not for me but bc I know little about it and would date someone that has had a sex change

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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