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Why are you worried about your health?

1. I swear I must be the most mature 15 year old on the planet.I've probably paid more bills, seen more things and went through more drama than most 21 year olds in america.

2.I make all of these huge desicions but the only one I need help making is weather I should stay with my current girlfriend or not. She always ducks and dodges me or at least it seems that way, then she'll ask why I'm not talking to her as much. I explain 2 her my situation and try to improve it because I really like her and after I'm done pouring my heart out I get a simple "oh" or no response, I know she's not cheating but it feels like she's just playing me. And I don't like it.

3.last year I dated my schools prom queen while I was a freshman and we had one of the best relationships ever. We never fought, always had a good time together, and had the best sex ever. But after she graduated she went upstate to college and we sort of moved on even though we remain best friends but I miss her and she said she misses me too. Most of the school says my new girl is better for me but how can that be tru if I barely see my new girlfriend and my ex still makes me happier.

4.I miss my home area soooooo much.I'm origionallay from lower los angeles but now I live over 2000 miles awayaway and it is sooooo boring and country over here. I'm the star quarterback at my school and I also play basketball and run track but I can't stand where I live or my high school. This situation is like going from a ferari to a buick with no insurance. I really want to leave. most of my school I'm a good kid with a great life but I just act so happy at school because its the only time I get to see people my own age and where I'm not worried about my health. I'm also not that goody good kid either I fucked over 12 girls from ages going from 16-28

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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