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Awesome girlfriend

1. I hate my boyfriends best friends. I think they are annoying, and that nothing about them makes them fun or interesting to be around.. but I pretend to like them and be really good friends with them anyways because Im afraid if I told my boyfriend I didnt like them that he would be angry with me, and maybe even end our relationship. I even posted something on facebook about it, leaving out their names and they asked my boyfriend if it was about them but I said no, and made up a different story.

2. I fake being sad sometimes to get my boyfriends attention. I want him to hold me and stay up with me late at night when I cant sleep and comfort me, and I get in a really bad mood when he doesnt and sometimes start fights that arent even necessary.

3. Sometimes I miss doing drugs and drinking and partying even though I have left that life behind to make myself a better mom, and a better person altogether, sometimes I just want to say fuck it and get high.

4. I hate my mother. I hate every part of myself that reminds me of my mother. I used to have dreams about killing her when I was younger.

5. I want to have a sexual experience with a girl so bad further than just making out.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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