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Bite the flower

1. I am not in love with my boyfriend anymore. After five years of his crap, I am literally only with him because it benefits my children.

2. The man I actually really love used to be my boyfriend's best friend. And I would leave my boyfriend for him in a heartbeat.

3. The last sexual action I had was a while ago ... but much more recent than the last encounter I shared with my boyfriend. And my best friend/side guy who used to be my boyfriend's friend? He is a WAY better kisser.

4. Sometimes when my dog is playing rough and bites my boyfriend, it makes me want to laugh. If my boyfriend wasn't such a little flower my dog would know it isn't OK to bite him.

5. In my mind there is a fantasy of the future ... a life that is financially sound and where my daughters and I are happy. With my new guy. I can't wait till my plans are complete so I can dump the current boyfriend.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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