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Rape is NEVER the victim's fault

1) I hate, living with AIDS at only 20yrs old.
2) I've stopped taking my meds, cause I just feel I should let nature take its course... And its already started to do some heavy damage to my body and health, I told my doctor I care and will get back on my strict regimine, but I don't care, and I won't.
3) I feel like I've let everyone down because of it, because I won't live more than a decade at this rate... I've done the research, I was also going to school to become a doctor those dreams were crushed a very long time ago... and that's what hurts the most and shames me to hell, is that I'm letting myself die..... What's the point in living a full life unhappy, and physically, mentally, and emotionally fuked?
4) I've been HIV+ for 6-8 years and my first doctor visit they tell me its not just HIV, but already full on AIDS... 6-8 YEARS AGO! Do the math... 20-(7)=13; I was raped, and it was my fault, I LET IT HAPPEN...
5) My last secret is I hope someone cares more for me than I do for myself. Because I need some help.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: gay

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  1. I care! I read your secrets and just have to comment. 20 years old and living with AIDS. I can only imagine how painful that is. The rape wasn't your fault, just like K's headline says. It never is. Please get back on your meds, and live the best life you possibly can. Doctors are making strides in trying to find a cure, why can't you be one of them? Go back to school and go get the help you need. You deserve to be happy. You have your friends and your family that love you. Keep fighting.


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