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Teenage bride

You hear those stories of busy house wives aching to just have a couple of minutes of "me" time. My life is the opposite. I want just a couple minutes of "us" time.

My husband chooses a lot of things over me because he thinks I'm like him 100%. In fact, most of the time my feelings are ignored because he thinks I have the same feelings as him.

No car to myself for 8, sometimes 9 hours a day, everyday has gotten me to a point where I want to go back to self-destruction. But I know I'm bigger than that. We have beer in the fridge and even though I hate it, I'm considering drowning in it.

I wish I could have a guy friend who's with me during the day. Take me out to town and stuff. Stand up for me when my husband is being indifferent. I want somebody equally strong as my husband just so for once somebody wouldn't be scared of his threats. I want someone who wouldn't be afraid to put their arms around me just for a long friendly hug because my husband says he'll rip off your arms if you touch me.

I'm 19 and I want a kid. We're financially not capable but I think it would make me happier when I'm home all this time. I would love to be a mom. Id rather ache for "me" time then sit at home and wonder when the clothes and dishes will be done so I can put them away and start making dinner.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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