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The deadliest of sins

1~ When i was little i saw my daddy beat up my mom. Not just a slap but blood and busted walls..

2~ I think I go for abusive guys just because thats all Ive ever known. My dad wasnt abusive to me he just had a bad temper there was only that one time I ever saw anything happen. But once they were divorced my mom went from one asshole to another. Ive never seen a healthy relationship.

3~ My exbestfriends boyfriend used to beat the living fuck out of her. Everyone saw and knew I always told her what a piece of shit he was and she needed to leave him. I slept with him while she was passed out drunk and messed around a few other times. She never found out.

4~ Me and my cousin Keshia used to make our barbies have sex and undress eachother... Idk if this is a big deal really but I never told anyone and I feel like we might have done other things but it was a long long time ago and I cant remember.

5~ I say I hate my mom and that Im mad at my dad and I dont wanna see them so much because of that but its really because Im ashamed of a lot of my actions and it makes me uncomfortable to be around them. Plus IM a proud person and I dont want to admit my mistakes even when i know i should.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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