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Voluntary insomnia

Our neighbor got a new block driveway.  The contractor put part of it over the boundary onto our land.  My Dad wasn't happy but the neighbour was all defensive and rude about it so I slackened all the bolts on his wheels.  When he tried to turn out of his drive the wheels came off, he bust his oil sump and oil leaked all over the new blocks.  It's stained pretty bad.  Serves him right for being an ash*le.

One of my teachers died and he wasn't very nice to me, so I pooped on his grave.  Feel bad if his family saw it, only for them tho not him.

I'm not a total assh*le tho, I work in a gas station and I gave a family who came in without a car for water a handful of promotional scratch cards.  They won a luxury food hamper.  They look like they needed it, I'm happy it went to them.

I like to see how long I can go without sleep, my record is 80 hours.  I realise we only have a short time and I don't want to waste it sleeping 1/3 of it away.

I walk about my house nude because my milf neighbour has glimsed me once or twice and I think she kinda likes it.  Seems to me she's keeping an eye out and you never know what'll happen!

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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