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Dismantled band man

1)b I'm in love with my best friend a lot but she's dating a guy right now that is never around but she doesn't like him tho as she says  so idk what's go
in on with that? We'd make a great couple I think cuz we both like each other alot
2)e I used to be a marijuana cropper and marketeer , I would sell so much weed to so many people through out my town it wasn't even funny
3)t from being in the selling business ( which I'm not anymore) I knew a lot about people .. just about all the kids, ppl in general and in a heart beat I could have gotten all the information I needed on you to figure you out and to this day I still use my techniques
4) I feel like my life is a day by day play like a plan that repeats daily ..
I wake up, go to school, go to work, spend a lil bit hangin out and goin home to start it again the next day
5) I'm currently in a " dismantled band " .. we all broke away from each other b/c of a few ppl went to college and one we had a prob with... we have made a few songs and played a few places and everytime we played it was intense .. before we started we would always get high and rock out and what ever was on our mind we turned into muisic .. and I would do anything if we would al get back together but I don't think its gona happen anytime soon :/

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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