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Giving up isn't the way to get there

1.) I can't remember how many men I've had sex with, or how many men I've gave head to. I just turned 18.

2.) I can't have a normal conversation with my mom because I'm always high or hungover.

3.) I'm not afraid of getting caught and going to jail. I'm afraid of having to face reality & sober up.

4.) My ex boyfriend beat & raped me for three years. He let his brother, his best friend, and his college roommates rape me. I hate myself for not leaving him but at the time, it felt better to be miserable than to be lonely.

5.) I gave up a long time ago, I don't care where my life goes. I just want to be happy for once, truly & honestly happy. With no regret, and no sadness. When it happens, I'll know.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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