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That's probably not the only reason

1. I secretly want to tell all my friends amd family that i am gay just to see how they would react. I mean most of my family always says i am gay and wht not and i ask them what if i was and they never answer. Just because of that i want to do it.

2. I have relationship problems and ita most of the time my fault. I've realized im the kind of person that hen they get wht they want... The love just sorta goes away.

3. I love helping people thay recently broke up because i lobe cheering them up and seeing them happy but im afraid one day ill meet someone this way and they'll get too attached to me and i'll end up hurting them.

4. I love someone right now. She is so amazing. We've known eachother for a year and 3 months but she lives 2,500 miles away from me. She says she loves me but i find it hard to belive because she has a boyfriend. We've gone through tough times where the love for eachother kinda went away which is when she got together with her now boyfriend. When i tell her i love her she doesnt respond for like 15 minutes and changes the subject. I confroted her about it and she said that she doesnt want to say it because she feels she will get too attached like she did before and that i'll end up hurting her again... It hurts me so bad necause i know that i will not hurt her again and i made her a promise. And i really love her.

5. I've a had a couple gay experiences where i sucked his dick. I was ten and now im sixteen. It makes me question my sexuality but i didnt enjoy those experiences therfore i know i am straight.

I please ask for advice on any of my secrets i can use some :) thank you K

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

[Not really sure what to say here... It sounds like you're questioning your sexuality a bit more than you admit here. One or two bad experiences, especially when very young, aren't really definitive proof of anything. I hope that the gay experiences you reference here were ones in which you were a willing participant, because 10 is a very young and influential age at which to experience something like that even if it's just because you're curious. I also would advise against telling your family that you're gay unless you are quite sure it's the truth. If you're not gay and just doing it to mess with them, you'll have a hard time convincing them otherwise, maybe for the rest of your life. That is especially true if they are already half-convinced that you're gay. Obviously there are much worse things that being falsely thought to be gay, but it seems that it bothers you as it is. Don't make it worse for yourself.

As far as your girlfriend, I am sort of biased on the subject of relationships with people who are already in relationships and I feel the same way about long distance internet based relationships. It just never seems to end well and strikes me as primarily a means of protecting ourselves from pain by becoming close to someone we can't have. I once had a relationship with someone I met on the internet (well, not just once -- but I haven't had another one since then) and it ended, to say the least, very badly. So as I said, I'm biased. Do what you will, but protect yourself. No one else will.


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