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Holding out is still an option

1.  I used to sleep with different boys so got a slutty rep, but all I ever wanted was to be loved by someone and treated well.  I didn't get that at home and was just looking so hard for it elsewhere, but I'm gullible and fell for boys lies and atempts to use me.

2.  I slept with 8 guys and loved them all except for 3.  One of those was a good friend and we just did it because we could.  One was my friends bf, but she knew and was fine with it.  It was his fantasy to sleep with me, so she let it happen.  One was revenge sex because my former friend stole the guy I loved.  I then slept with the guy she loved to get back at her, and I don't feel bad.

3.  I don't mention the guys in 2 because my friend has a fiancee and is expecting a child.  I feel the other 2 guys would just make me look bad if I told.

4.  All I ever wanted in this world was for someone to hold my hand, tell me I'm pretty, stroke my hair, and not care if anyone saw us together.  I wanted someone to be proud to be with me.  I never even enjoyed the sex much until lately.

5.  I have had my heart broken so many times and my body used also.  I really wish I'd held out for someone who truly cared and didn't just pretend.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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