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Of course you can love them both!

1. I'm still in highschool and I've slept with three people. There's alot of girls in my highschool that are pregnant and I'm now one of those.
2. Im afraid too tell people it's by my third and that I've been cheating on my bf for three months.
3. My bf now hits me alot and screams and always tells me I deserve too die and never have a good life I'm scared too leave him.
4. The guy I'm pregnant by is 9 years older then me and has left me twice for two other girls and told me he wanted them now he's back in my life because they dumped him.  I don't want him too know I'm in love with him and have been since day one. I'll never tell him I'm scared about my life now.
5. I have depression issues and have cut for years and tried killing myseelf alot. My parents are getting a divorce and I have too choose where too go and I can't I love them both I wish I could just run with my baby and never come back. I hate life more then anything.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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