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K works in mysterious ways

I drink nyquil to help get some sleep. partying and weed has changed my sleep pattern.

i saw my ex's cell and picked it up and saw that the last txt was from a guy who was thanking her for the good time and a ;) (wink).i asked her about it and eventually she came clean...we broke up like 2 weeks later and all i got was a blow job at the end (she was on the rag,so i guess its fair?)

I believe in aliens more then fact i'll go as far as to say that god is an alien.its not crazy thinking but hearing it makes ppl think your on something, so i just stay quiet.

i enjoy talking to random strangers.sadly they are the ones who see the real me,which is why i talk to my self whenever i write.whatever spurs creativity huh?

the few chances ppl get to see me sing and dance is when im driving and listening to my music and someone pulls up next to me.sometimes i sense them watching and pretend like i dont notice puts a smile on my face even though they maybe laughing at me.

thank you k, i keep coming back... you work in mysterious ways.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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