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Kids on the side

Let me just say that i love reading this site and can relate to a lot of people on here.Well my first secret is i was molested when i was 8 by 3 different family members.

2nd I think im addicted to sex i had 16 partners n had 3 3sums with different men including my bf and it wasnt wat i expected and did not enjoy it one bit i regret it.

3rd I really want to go back to school but . i feel stupid and am scared. I was never good in school i dont know how i graduated high school i have failed my family n myself in a lot of ways.

4th I have two beautiful kids and i know im failing them too i spend more time with my bf than my kids i know im such a bad mom i want  to stop but cant seem to cuz im so in love with my bf n dont wana loose him he don't know im putting my kids aside for him i lie to my bf and family all the time.

5th I just want things to get better i know im not a bad person i don't do drugs drink or cut or want to end my life i don't hang out with family and friends i just want everybody to be happy and want everybody to be happy for me all i know is that im gonna make every effort to change the way things are goin in my life for the better i need to and i have to.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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