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Never leave your cell phone alone

im such a waste of a life.I graduated high school a few yrs back but i havent tried to get into not scared to fail or fall into the pressures of it its just that i procrastinate.I dont put up a mask to my friends or hide much about whats going to my amigos.i had so many chances but there is always time,right?

im in debt right now.nobody knows cause my fam had money but i never felt comfortable taking it.i always wanted to struggle and find my own.its funny cause now i am and i cant see a way out.

i made a girl cheat on her bf.twice.once he called the morning after all worried and I silently mouthed an excuse.i guess i did it cause my ex cheated on me.advice to cheaters:delete texts that are compromising and never leave ur cell alone with ur bf/gf.

i love rape scenes in movies.its not a turn on its more like comedy to well as anything grotesque.i will admit this:i cant laugh about it whenever im in theater.i contain myself.

i still have flashbacks to that day when i flipped an atv.i sprained my ankle and thats about it.but things could have turned out alot worse.i was far from my friends and they wouldnt have known where i was had i been pinned or dying.i never wanna go back on.i had my fun and it got ruined by my arrogance

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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