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God works in mysterious ways

1. I told my mom that God told me he wasn't ready for me to move out until I got my degree...... She didn't get that same message -__-

2. I'm what you call "The fuck up" but I'm finally back on track... I pray everyday that I stay on the right path... I want to prove everyone wrong. And I want mom to be proud of me

3. I fell in-love with one of my best friends... She knows and I kind of won't to cut her off for awhile (while I get over her) but I can't imagine my life without her... She's told me she loved me, almost ended up together but last min we decided to remain friends... I'm slowly dying in the inside literally...

4. Somehow we manage to maintain a normal friendship (for the most part) ... I think about her everyday though

5. My aunts dying.... I have to go to Cali in March but I really don't want 2. Not for that reason at least... Don't tell my family that smh

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: gay

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