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A rough three months

Since october....

1) I lost my band that was surely on its way to the top..

2) I got busted trafficing 4 ounces of weed which landed me in jail for the night.. I only selled to help put food on the table for my mom and dad.. now I have two felonies and a misdomeaner over my head.

3) the girl I was seeing at the time, I had sex with her best friend.. we weren't dating so does that make it less hurtful?

4) she never found out but she did end up playing me and went back to her obusive ex bf. Come to find out she never stopped talking to him the whole time we were together... we were together 5 months but still.. that's why she wouldn't date me.. so I don't really feel bad for sleeping with her bestfriend.. more like a fuck you.

5) I'm pretty sure I don't deserve to be loved..

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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