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Camping conundrum

One. I finally have gooten a boyfriend I'm totally myself with. I can act so goofy and he stills likes me. I'm so lucky.

Two. I wish I could tell him everything about my sexual past. He thinks I'm a virgin. I'm not. He Aldo has no idea of the guy I got put in jail for exchanging dirty pictures with when I was still fourteen and he was twenty.

Three. I want to be his first but I don't know how to tell him without sounding like a whore. (we've only been together about a month and a half)

Four. He, his brother, and he girl cousin are going camping. This shouldn't be a big deal
except his brothers gf and cousins bf are going. When his brother asked why I wasn't going he freaked saying no multiple and just looking at me and saying sorry but you're not going. It wouldn't have been that big of deal but how he reacted has made me suspicious.

Five. My dad cheated on and left my mom and I'm terrified that's going to effect my future relationships and I won't ever act on suspicion for fear it's onlynin my head.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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