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Things don't get better on their own

my sis just attempted to od early this morning,she is in the hospital with my moms and Im on the verge of falling apart.I tried do be sweet and nice to her when she felt bad as well as being brutally honest,but i never got to her core and i dont understand what im supposed to do.i can never be her friend cause i know she wont let me.if i lose my only sister then i will lose myself.

my younger bro has been stealing money from me. he doesn't know that i know its him. I'll let him feed his own ego, I only hope he sees my disappointment.

Deftones have given me life when I had none. They opened my heart and mind when I wouldn't let anyone else. I have felt more empowered and secure with every song I hear. Its an ecstasy and very few ppl know this: I would fall in love with anyone if they understood the 'tones like I do.

I made myself a puppet to help out a family friend. Im a faux owner only to look pretty and say whatever they want me to say. The business is doing good and had I known that this family friend would turn into a back stabber I would have pulled the rug from under him, but that mean that not only do I go down but so does my father. That is something I can not do.

Im knee deep in some illegal shit. aside from the said secret above there is another that I have to with hold for another time. Right now tho, I could really use a hug and just be told that things will get better. the words of a stranger will echo with me forever then a friend's words. Why?

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Hey hun ... I hope your sis is doing alot better .. Let her know your there for here no matter what n that u love her .... Let her feel about much u love her .. Build up a friendship ... As for your brother let him know u know his stealing your money .. We all work hard for our money . Thata not cool .. Speak ur mind hun let ur fam n friends know how u feel .. Ita not good to bulid all ur feelings inside ... Trust me I know
    ... Take good care of urself ....

    Love D :)


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