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I'd want to be baker acted too

1 I was molested by my mom's live in boyfriend when i was in 2nd grade. When I told my mom,2 yrs later I used the term rape, after taking me to a counselor and said counselor telling her that wasn't my problem, she berated me for calling it rape and told me to look it up in a dictionary. The day it happened I had kissed him on the mouth...I always blamed myself for what happened next.

2 when I was 15 my moms guy friend was staying at our house, she was out of town, I woke up at 5 am with his fingers inside of me, I got up and left the house walking for hours before coming home, I never told :( he ended up getting married to a woman who had a 11 year old daughter...I feel horrible.

3 when I was 15 my mom was mad at me and was beating me,  she hit me so hard that I feel down and was knocked out, I felt myself above my body, looking down as she kicked me as I lay on the floor. I have always felt I made a choice that night to live because I didn't want her to get in trouble for killing me,,,,

4 I overdosed at school when I was 16. My best friend got the sleeping pills for me and knew my plan, 24 hours later in ICU I was released, with just some minor memory problems, lucky since they prepared my mom in case I may be in a vegetative state. My school resource officer saved my life.

5 a little over a week later, I was baker acted. I planned to be baker acted. The day I came home from the hospital my mom beat me for walking around the block with my best friend because I needed to talk. I wrote a letter to a gf of mine saying I planned to attempt suicide again because I couldn't take my home life, and I directed her to give it to my school resource officer. Only a couple of people knew how I cam to be locked in the mental hospital for a 72 hr hold, that turned into 7 days, with mandatory outpatient.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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