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1. I like my fuck buddy but I dont let it get to me.
2. He wants to give me oral and I always say no, idk why Im weird about that Im 25..I want to just let him..any advice?
3. Ive been watching porn once a day again lately, youd think Id be better in the bedroom - I wish there was a way to learn how to be sexy and talk dirty and learn more of what to do, bc Im clueless my ex was super boring w no passion.....advice?
4. I want to give him a threesome w another chick like he wants its just crazy running around trying to find one..i think i could get into it but im so shy sometimes i would have to get over that w him before i could let loose.
5. I wish I felt my age sometimes I still feel like I havent grown into the womam Im suppose to be amd its like god if not now when the hell is it oing to happen..each yr it seems harder to see myself actlually where i want to be.

bonus++when i date a guy i worry if they could be a child molester or if they are actually gay/bi sleeping around, when guys lie/steal and when they are inconsiderate to people its such a huge turn off i stop talking to them.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

[On 2: It's pretty common for women to feel trepidation about receiving oral sex, often because they feel self conscious about about the smell, taste, relative hairiness, whatever. Sometimes these fears are founded if the woman in question has trichomoniasis, BV, or some other condition that causes a weird smell or something. If that's the case, get yourself checked out and get it fixed. If you're pretty sure there's nothing weird going on and it's your own insecurity -- you're just going to have to put your fears aside and give it a try (you won't regret it). He wouldn't keep asking if he didn't want to do it, and many men love the smell & taste of that special place. If you don't already, do him a favor and do some ladyscaping first. He'll thank you.

On 3, porn is no place to learn how to be a good lover. If anything, it will teach you how to fake orgasms, tolerate situations you are not comfortable with, and make you believe that all kinds of demeaning and otherwise un-fun sex acts are normal &/or expected. One of the best ways to get awesome at sex is to get with someone you LOVE having sex with and then have sex with them all the time. You will naturally learn all kinds of little things you can do to turn them on and you will be more likely to feel secure enough to tell them what you like, or more importantly, don't like. If that doesn't happen to be your situation right now, pick up a Cosmo. It sounds stupid, but they have articles practically every month with all kinds of tips and tricks on how to screw like it's your job. If you keep reading it for a while and trying the stuff that seems intriguing, it adds up. Finally, do whatever YOU think is sexy. If it turns you on, it just might turn him on too. Good luck.

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