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Mom probably feels the same way about herself

1. im getting to the point where i really resent my family. almost hate them.
22. they make fun of me all the time, i get blamed for everything, if something goes well for me, they either shoot it down or try to make it go wrong for me. they leave most of the housework for me to do then turn around and say i never do anything, and if i object it's a huge arguement about them always having to be right.
333. even when ive not done anything wrong, they take it as me being argumentative and just shout over me. this is especially shit when ive actually had a good day. i hate having to come home to people i don't like.
4444. my mom thinks im fat.
55555. as soon as i get enough money, I AM FUCKING GONE.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: other

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