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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Most things can be undone

1.Im 15 and have been badly addicted to drugs..i still crave them.
2.I know alot of bad secrets that i shouldnt know.It has messed my head up.
3.I am smart and always do well in school,i just want to do good in my exams and get away from everyone in this small town.
4.I think i fell in love over winter time i was with someone for 5 months and was sensible because i really liked him. I ended it,i dont know why..i just wanted excitment. Now we are both as messed up as makes me sad.
5.I watched a drug dealer that i was having a relationship with have a stroke,it still haunts me to think about it. he ruined my life and now my then bestfriend is with him and he told me it was just to make me jelous. i still worry about him and i dont know why. i wish i could turn back time or make him see what he has done to me.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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  1. UR still a baby... I know u dont wanna hear that but u have so much life to live sweetie !!!! Just focus on ur future and fuck everyone else!

  2. I know u real well in real life.


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