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Not one to rush

1.  I have always said that anal is not for me.  I am finding that stimulation at the back door is becoming a little arousing.

2.  I have never had anal anything but I would like to try it with this One person and that is all.

3.  I am beginning to feel like my sexual desires are really going crazy.  Ive always been always missionary, plain jane, run of the mill basic sex.  I am married and sex is boring.. he gets off and I dont.  I now have gotten back with the love of my life, who happens to be the man who took my virginity.  SEX is pure extascy with him.  He makes me orgasm, he strives to make me feel like I can fly, He has reopened my sexual desires and makes me want to be completley open to new and exciting things.

4.  I am about to be sexually deprived bc he is going to war.

5.  I wish I could try anal before he leaves, but that is something i dont want to rush!!

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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