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A problem to be solved

1-After many years of marriage I now want to share my wife and turn her into a slut so I can watch her fuck other men and have them fill her with cum.
2-I married a promiscuous slut who then turned into a conservative mom after many years.  I used to get jealous, now I just want to share her and to have her let loose and enjoy.
3-I often wonder if I can handle #1 if it were really to happen and I got to see her fucked by other men.  I believe I can.
4-I have health issues that prevent me from consistently satisfying my wife like I used to now that we are almost 50.  It's easier for me to give permission for a boyfriend / sex partner rather than wonder if she cheats to get more frequent orgasms.
5-I am too focused on the sexual part of my marriage and could never imagine leaving my wife for any reason and I know she feels the same way yet I can't stop the pre-occupation with sex yet I know it is unhealthy.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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