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That's a lot of paranoia

1. I feel like my mother just uses me for bragging rights. She goes around and tells her friends how wonderful of a daughter I am.. but to my face she treats me like shit.

2. I'm Straight Edge but I have a really hard time being proud of it. A lot of times when I tell people that I am they tell me how stupid I am and how I won't hold to it. It truely Pisses me off because I will hold to it and it isn't stupid, its a respectful way of life.

3. I get paranoid when people speak other languages around me and look at me.. it makes me feel like they are talking about me.. and yet I go to the 4th most diverse school in the US.

4. People tell me how smart I am and that I will make it far in life. I have so many problems I feel I wont make it anywhere. I feel like I am going to crash and burn when I try to tackle the real world on my own.

5.With how society is today I am almost afraid to admit that I am a Christian. People assume all Christian's just want to shove their religion down people's throats but thats not me at all. I just want to have my faith and be left alone about it.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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