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Threeways aren't all they're cracked up to be

1. I am pretty sure im bi-polar

2. i get mad at my girlfriend when i have thoughts about how many people she has been with or anytime i see one of her ex's.  weve been dating for a couple of years. i just get in a bad mood towards her when i have those thoughts and i won't even tell her why.

3. i also get mad at her if im watching a porn or a conversation comes up about 3 somes. she has had one (that i know of) and i havent. i feel like i resent her for that and me not having a threesome.

4. I have the craziest sex fantasys and i mean crazy.  I love wild, rough, and crazy sex. i just wish my girl would open up.  2 years and she hasn't.

5. I love pussy but i have a urge to suck a guys cock.  nothing else.  i really want to have a guy force me to.  and i want to while a girl (either my girl friend or some other woman) watchs and/or video tapes it.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: other

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  1. I TOTALLY understand number two! Lol, afterward I feel bad for starting a problem with my guy but it bothers me that he has a past. As unreasonable as that sounds, it does.


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