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Sometimes facebook lies

One: I really dislike my sisters one is stingy and selfish and a major bitch and she kiss her babydaddy ass all the time he always nmaking her look like a fool. My second sister is a major hoe she try to look like and angel in front of everyone but on the inside she she is a mean nasty person she treat her friends better than she treats me.

Two: I'm always screaming on the inside I just want someone to listen to me and understand my pain and fustration

Three: the guy I'm madly in love with is with someone else but wat I don't understand is why he play me along at times he flex on facebook like he so in love with this girl but if you were when we get around one another it wouldn't be this strange vibe.

Four: some nights I stay awake till my eyes shut on its on because I'm. Afraid I'm going to die in my sleep I hate feeling this way because I have faith in god I just wish it was stronger.

Five: I really want to be successful in life but right now I feel like a failure I. Got kicked out of two colleges my sister graduated after me and is way futher in college than I ever gotten. I'm a major disappointment. I wish I knew wat to do :(

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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