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Anything is possible

1)My boyfriend (or idk anymore, this guy, whom i used to talk to everyday) for 8 months got in this fight. It was stupid. Wasn't even my fault, but we didn't talk for five days alrdy. I texted him, but he ignored me. And now, idk. Sheesh. This has happened before, he just totally switched off, ignores me and everything. Last time it was nearly two weeks. And he acted like nth happened. I dont get it. He said he loves me, wanna marry me, wanna have a kid with me. But then suddenly ignores me. Wth..  he doesn't know how much it hurtsss.(its a secret because nobody knows about him. For real, nobody. And I don't get to ask my gfs for advice cause, well, I can't. Which sucks.)
2)I'm verbally abused by my mom everyday and sometimes physically abused by both my mom and dad. My mom beats me up if she's not happy with me, nags to my dad, dad will get pissed, then my dad will slap and beats me. It hurts. Not only physically but emotionally. The last time they beat me up was five days ago. I could really use him at that moment(1)..
3)I cry almost everyday. Sometimes for no reason at all?
4)I don't like the fact that I'm sensitive and gets jealous easily. Idk if I can change. Don't even know if its possible.
5)I really dislike what I see in the mirror. But I got only two choice, accept it, or do smth about it. Ima do smth about it. Hello vegetables, goodby junkfoods.

(I just hope my life will get better soon enough. Its been downhill since last year. Fml :'()

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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