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Labor Day

1. I made out with a married guy when I went to visit my sister (technically separated and his wife is the one requesting  the divorce and has a boyfriend herself) Not that really justify doing it and I never thought I would ever do something like this. I guess I can see how some of these things could happen.

2.I had a threesome this past labor day weekend. It was with two guys and it was really sexually liberating. Although even today though it feels like some kinky dream I dreamt up . It would probably be a one time experience.

3. Sometimes I feel like I am my friends' wingman. Whenever they are hanging out with a guy and their friends, I am the one they will call on. I don't mind it because I get to meet new people. That is how secret #1 and #2 occurred. However, these guys do not make for best relationships and its always this expectation of sex and I become the tease cause I don't give in easily or not at all. I want to be sexually liberated and not be judge by it.

4. I was recently let go from my job. I was so fucking pist off because i had plenty opportunities to go on interviews and possibly get paid more but I decided to stay at this job. Just for them to let me go and they definitely waited until my supervisor came back from her family emergency to do it. Fucking bitches but I guess things happen for a reason and know that God probably has other intentions for me. Sometimes I think this was God way of telling me that he dropped signs and I did not pay any attention to them.

5. I am my mother's age when she had me but I feel so unaccomplished. Even though I gotten my masters and do want to pursue my PhD eventually. I still feel like I should be doing more with my life. I am waiting for the altering life changing experience where I feel like ...I don't know maybe that's what I am trying to figure out what I am suppose to feel. Maybe to feel like more of an adult.

PS- I wasn't sure if I wanted to post my secrets on this. Call it being paranoid but I feel like I am going to be linked somehow to my secrets. Although, it does feel good typing it up hopefully I have the guts to send it.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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