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Needling desire

The next tattoo that I'm getting is only for the sake of feeling pain again. I use to be a cutter, so this helps stash away my inner longings. I only have 3, but I have a feeling this next one I'm getting wont be the last. I really wish it would be.

My skin is getting tan again. To tell you the truth, its a major self-confidence boost. When I'm white, I feel so gross. I feel like my over-weight really shows. Nobody knows why all of a sudden I'm sorta happy about myself. That's why.

My husband and I went to a street fair and I got a strawberry banana kabob drizzled with white and milk chocolate. To make the story short, it got everywhere. But it was so worth it. My husband started licking, kissing, and sucking my cheeks, lips, and neck. I got so turned on, it was insanely amazing. I did the same to him and he got an instant boner. I swear, if we weren't in public, I'd do him in the car. He doesn't know that's one of my weaknesses.

He wants me to fuck him in his sleep. I tried once, he shoved me off. It completely changed my mind on ever doing it again.

I got these wine colored contacts. It makes my eyes look naturally red. I feel so sexy. I have a huge self-confidence boost everytime I wear them. It makes me feel attractive. I think my husband misses my "bright brown eyes" as he would say. I wish he would see I feel better with them.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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